Blood Sausage

Smoke and Sawdust

Homecoming prospects heat up during the schoolday

Coulter confronts Leo about giving him the cold shoulder after having spent therapy sessions together. 

In Mr.Cuomo's gym class (yes he teaches both, budget cuts…) Leo follows through on his promise to Helena on asking Kokomo to Homecoming for her. Shirtless in the locker room, the two end up checking each other out and getting a little uncomfortable. Kokomo postpones his homecoming decision.

In woodshop with a very drunk Mr. Johnson, Coulter calls out Gravlax on her bullshit Japanese quote, labeling her as "poser weaboo trash" to the school. While Gravlax gets to work creating elaborate wooden bunnies, Coulter and Illona chat. Coulter lightly turns down an offer by Illona to go to Homecoming.

Leo joins Preston and Scarlet in study hall with Ms. Shropshire (on her third husband and often uncomfortably reliant on favorite students for emotional support). Leo offers to attend the Christian Minglers on Friday with Scarlet and to get tutoring help. Poppi bursts into the room with more Starbucks, and spilled Ms. Shropshire's coffee in her bag the minute she got it. She and Preston want Scarlet to hang out this weekend, forcing her to choose between them and Leo. Scarlet agrees to go to Minglers, hang out with the pop tarts afterwards, then study with Leo on Saturday. (Leo is somehow labeled a Prude during his exchange with Poppi).

Kokomo finds Helena in the passing period to question her on going through his locker. He'll let it slide if she agrees to get Leo's number, fully aware that Helena was interested in going with him to Homecoming.

A crushed and seething Helena skips fifth period and joins Devon and Coulter smoking in the courtyard. Offering Helena a "special blunt", Devon then suggests Coulter and Helena go together to Homecoming while she goes with her boyfriend from Canada (leveraging the fact that Coulter used to like Sean). Coulter and Helena awkwardly agree. They leave Helena to trip out on hash as she convenes with the Abyss. Her sister Charlie appears in smoke, giving her confusing visions of Leo and Kokomo along with a slip of a phone number ripped in half.


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