Blood Sausage

Welcome to The American School

Our characters enter junior year in their homeroom

The main and side characters are introduced as they enter Mr. Cuomo's homeroom class on the first day of junior year at The American School.

After Leo enters to see Scarlet and Avery, Morgan bursts into the classroom yelling "FUCK" holding a bleeding hand. At her seat, she begins wiping it on Avery's chair. Kokomo enters by second-story window.

After Mr. Cuomo gives an introduction to the school to the new kids Leo and Helena, Poppi arrives late with Starbucks. She causes a scene between her, Braxton, and Morgan.

At the end of class, Poppi invites the popular kids to her Homecoming party (Scarlet, Leo, Preston, Braxton, Sean, and Illona). Devon says that if Helena finds a date, she can go with her as a group to Homecoming.

In the passing period, Leo confronts Helena about his missing financial aid letter. She counters with a request to ask Kokomo about being her Homecoming date.

Coulter and Ramses decide to skip Homecoming since Ramses has a shift at King Supers.


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